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Build & Recover

When striving towards your fitness goals, building muscle and recovering quickly is essential. Amino Rx-3, Glutamine and R5 Reload are three vital components to build and recover properly. Glutamine helps repair and build muscle. Amino Rx-3 protects your muscles with the essential amino acids. R5 Reload lets you skip the exhaustion after a workout or athletic event so you can be ready for what’s next. Together, they give your body the components it needs for successful muscle building and a speedy recovery. Continue reading Build & Recover

Lose Weight with the Activate Kit

If you, along with millions of others, set weight loss as a New Year’s Resolution, let us help you down that path with the right supplements! Supplements are designed to complement the food intake portion of your weight loss program.  No matter what program you select, all weight loss programs have one thing in common which is a Calorie Deficit, essentially eating less and moving more.  Continue reading Lose Weight with the Activate Kit

Amino Rx-3: Great Insurance for Your Hard Work

The majority of people carry some kind of insurance whether medical, car, home, life etc.  How great would it be if these types of Insurance actually did something positive for us every day?  Usually these types of insurance prove beneficial in the event of something unexpected or tragic.

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Uncovering the “Truth” about Protein Drinks

Nowadays, a lot of people are paying attention to what have been popping up in the lifestyle department of stores. Living a healthy life is very important, and thankfully people have started to realize this. One thing that has caught many people’s eyes over the years is protein shakes. But in a recent article by Consumer Reports “Alert: Protein Drinks” it mentioned the bad effects about protein drinks. This is some of the things they had to say: “Drinks in our tests had at least onesample containing one or more of the following contaminants: arsenic, cadmium,lead, and mercury.”

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