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Lose Weight with the Activate Kit

If you, along with millions of others, set weight loss as a New Year’s Resolution, let us help you down that path with the right supplements! Supplements are designed to complement the food intake portion of your weight loss program.  No matter what program you select, all weight loss programs have one thing in common which is a Calorie Deficit, essentially eating less and moving more.  Continue reading Lose Weight with the Activate Kit

Creating A Routine Just for You

How often have you heard someone – maybe even you – complain that they have gone on a diet, and even lost a bit of weight, but don’t think that they look any better and still don’t have a lot of energy? This is probably because even though they’ve stuck to their diet, they haven’t been exercising as well, which is extremely important if one really wants to lose weight.

If you’ve been on diets that didn’t work very well, maybe you weren’t getting enough exercise. So maybe you should try it just one more time? And this time, put a bit more effort into it and get some exercise. Create a special exercise routine for yourself, especially if you have particular areas of your body that you would like to work on.

Continue reading Creating A Routine Just for You