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How To Avoid the Halloween Candy

Being the first day of October, fall is in the air and pumpkins are everywhere! Everyone is buzzing about costume shopping and party prepping, and it’s only a matter of days before caramel apples, pumpkin bread, and buckets of Halloween candy start showing up in your life. Here’s some tips to protect yourself against the weight gain. Continue reading How To Avoid the Halloween Candy

Top 3 Supplements for Endurance

Anyone who is serious about looking after their body needs to ensure they consume the right kind of nutrition to replace what exercise takes out of the body. But with so many products available, how do you know what works and what doesn’t work? And how do you know that you aren’t overlapping when you take more than one product? Reading labels and understanding what goes into each product as well as how it affects your body is a good place to start. To take it a little further for you, we have come up with three essential supplements that you should be giving back to your body when you are in training. Continue reading Top 3 Supplements for Endurance

Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Milkshake

It’s July and it’s hot just about everywhere in the country. Thank goodness it’s National Ice Cream Month. So how do you enjoy ice cream without blowing your fitness plan? Celebrate with Rx Meal. Rx Meal Vanilla Ice Cream and Rx Meal Chocolate Milkshake give you that sweet, creamy ice cream taste without the unhealthy side effects. Continue reading Celebrate National Ice Cream Month with Vanilla Ice Cream and Chocolate Milkshake

Gluten-Free Supplements

At Supplement Rx, we are very conscientious of various food allergies that can affect nutrient absorption. Thus, we have many supplements that are Gluten-Free to help those who suffer from Celiac Disease or avoid gluten for other reasons. Continue reading Gluten-Free Supplements

The Weight Loss Support Pack

All weight loss programs have one thing in common, establishing a calorie deficit which is essentially eating less and moving more. This obviously can create a nutrient insufficient environment for your body to achieve the goals you’ve set. The Weight Loss System is designed to complement you’re eating program and help you optimize performance to emphasize FAT loss, not just weight loss. Designed to help the body shed the extra pounds, the Weight Loss system will provide the nutrients you need while building and toning the muscles. The Weight Loss system consists of: Daily Essentials Multivitamin, Rx Oils, Burning Point, and Rx Meal shakes. Continue reading The Weight Loss Support Pack

Back To Fitness, Back to You

With children across the country headed back to school, it’s time to focus on meeting your fitness goals. Here are three great products to help bring the spotlight back to you.

Continue reading Back To Fitness, Back to You

Find Your Perfect Protein

With so much buzz about protein lately how can you know which protein is right for you? Well, there are different proteins available designed for different purposes.

Derived from the Greek word “prota,” meaning of primary importance, protein is an important building block that aids in the growth, maintenance, and repair of muscle tissue. Essential parts of organisms, proteins participate in every process within cells. Proteins are vital to the metabolic process. Continue reading Find Your Perfect Protein

Not Feeling It…then Feed It.

At some point during the week or even on a daily basis, many of us just don’t “feel” it.  You know, that feeling of tiredness or perhaps lack of focus that can creep up on us during the day or during the week? Let’s be real, we live in a fast-paced, busy world.  Chances are, if we aren’t feeling that energy in the day with everything that needs to be done…Then how are we going to feel when its time to squeeze in that workout or some other activity that’s as simple as walking the dog?

Continue reading Not Feeling It…then Feed It.

Is Constantly Being Hungry Destroying Your Success?

Is Constantly Being Hungry Destroying Your Success?

The next series of blogs are going to look at the powerful benefits of eating more frequently during the day using a simple solution like the Rx Meal line.

A Common Battle

There are many reasons why people find it difficult or nearly impossible to sustain their results.  One common battle faced by many is constantly being HUNGRY.  Many try dieting only to find it hard to follow a specific and most often, unrealistic plan.  Most likely, these diets are super low in calorie intake, or restrictive on the food choices available.   Also, daily work and life demands can often lead us to big gaps (6 to 8 hours) between meals.  The result is people find themselves ravenous with HUNGER.   Being constantly hungry can destroy a day, week or entire plan to achieve weight loss goals.  This can easily leave many feeling defeated or unwilling to continue on the same path.   Let’s be honest, if you’re hungry, the drive-thru super-sized meal is attractive and will quickly satisfy thegrowling stomach.  Or perhaps after a long day, you find yourself raiding the pantry for snacks while cooking dinner to help satisfy that raging emptiness inside.   Often the outcome is too many calories at once and a nice bulging happy belly no longer growling at you.  A longterm sustainable plan that works should manage hunger and leave people consistently feeling satisfied. Continue reading Is Constantly Being Hungry Destroying Your Success?