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XTend the Burn


Now you can XTend your fat burn all day and night! Maximize your calorie burn during the day with Burning Point XT and feel the energy boost. Use Burning Point SF (stimulant free) to continue burning fat even while you sleep! This fat burning stack will help control your appetite, break down existing fat, and block extra carbohydrates from being converted to fat! Continue reading XTend the Burn

Lose Weight with the Activate Kit

If you, along with millions of others, set weight loss as a New Year’s Resolution, let us help you down that path with the right supplements! Supplements are designed to complement the food intake portion of your weight loss program.  No matter what program you select, all weight loss programs have one thing in common which is a Calorie Deficit, essentially eating less and moving more.  Continue reading Lose Weight with the Activate Kit

Welcome to the Weight Gaining Season

The scariest part of October is not the haunted houses or the amount of money you spend on costumes. It is the hallmark of the beginning of the weight gaining season. With the widespread amount of sugary sweets that is all too widely available, it is that much easier to consume a little more empty calories here and there. And before you know it, the pounds start to appear.

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The Powerful Benefits of Using Rx Oils

One supplement that can pay big dividends is an Omega complex.  I call this the “do everything supplement.”  Rx Oils is a high potent premium Omega 3, 6, 9 complex made with organic flax seed oil.  These Omegas, also known as Essential Fatty Acids, play a critical role in overall health.   However, what can often be overlooked are the benefits in supporting fitness goals.  Here’s just a snapshot of the what Rx Oils Omega blend can do. Continue reading The Powerful Benefits of Using Rx Oils

Burning Point – A Powerful Fat Burner

The Science

To lose fat, a person needs to be in a calorie deficit.  This means a person is burning more calories than they are taking in.  This is a fundamental rule called the Law of Thermodynamics.  So, the best plan of action is to move more and eat less to maximize calorie deficit.  However, you still have to eat enough calories to maintain health and lean body mass.  Burning Point is specifically formulated to help support fat loss goals, and increase the rate at which fat is lost. Continue reading Burning Point – A Powerful Fat Burner

Not Feeling It…then Feed It.

At some point during the week or even on a daily basis, many of us just don’t “feel” it.  You know, that feeling of tiredness or perhaps lack of focus that can creep up on us during the day or during the week? Let’s be real, we live in a fast-paced, busy world.  Chances are, if we aren’t feeling that energy in the day with everything that needs to be done…Then how are we going to feel when its time to squeeze in that workout or some other activity that’s as simple as walking the dog?

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Is Constantly Being Hungry Destroying Your Success?

Is Constantly Being Hungry Destroying Your Success?

The next series of blogs are going to look at the powerful benefits of eating more frequently during the day using a simple solution like the Rx Meal line.

A Common Battle

There are many reasons why people find it difficult or nearly impossible to sustain their results.  One common battle faced by many is constantly being HUNGRY.  Many try dieting only to find it hard to follow a specific and most often, unrealistic plan.  Most likely, these diets are super low in calorie intake, or restrictive on the food choices available.   Also, daily work and life demands can often lead us to big gaps (6 to 8 hours) between meals.  The result is people find themselves ravenous with HUNGER.   Being constantly hungry can destroy a day, week or entire plan to achieve weight loss goals.  This can easily leave many feeling defeated or unwilling to continue on the same path.   Let’s be honest, if you’re hungry, the drive-thru super-sized meal is attractive and will quickly satisfy thegrowling stomach.  Or perhaps after a long day, you find yourself raiding the pantry for snacks while cooking dinner to help satisfy that raging emptiness inside.   Often the outcome is too many calories at once and a nice bulging happy belly no longer growling at you.  A longterm sustainable plan that works should manage hunger and leave people consistently feeling satisfied. Continue reading Is Constantly Being Hungry Destroying Your Success?

Creating A Routine Just for You

How often have you heard someone – maybe even you – complain that they have gone on a diet, and even lost a bit of weight, but don’t think that they look any better and still don’t have a lot of energy? This is probably because even though they’ve stuck to their diet, they haven’t been exercising as well, which is extremely important if one really wants to lose weight.

If you’ve been on diets that didn’t work very well, maybe you weren’t getting enough exercise. So maybe you should try it just one more time? And this time, put a bit more effort into it and get some exercise. Create a special exercise routine for yourself, especially if you have particular areas of your body that you would like to work on.

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